We have a number ongoing projects in medical, tactical, and humanitarian areas. Learn more about each of these projects below, or visit the individual pages for more details.

Save lives!

Give Ukrainian defenders a chance to save lives, in case they are wounded in the war. Each $100 will provide one individual first aid kit, which is a life insurance against dying from blood loss. Learn more or help by clicking “Donate—Save Lives!”.


Give personal protective equipment to Ukrainian defenders at the front lines, so they can focus on their mission and avoid distractions caused by pain. Please help them get goggles, gloves, and other gear or learn more by clicking “Donate to Protect!”

Stop bullets!

Give advanced lightweight bulletproof vests to Ukrainian defenders operating at the hottest war zones at the the front lines. Please help them have the confidence and agility they need to accomplish their mission, or learn more by clicking "Donate—Stop Bullets!"

Give vision!

Give Ukrainian defenders a special super power to see at long distance and in low light. Please help us provide optical binoculars, scopes and sights, laser range finders, night vision devices, heat cameras, by clicking “Donate for Vision!”

Give Wings!

Give Ukrainian Defenders drones that can help them see their surroundings from bird's-eye view. They need these "birdies" to understand better the tactical situation at the front lines.To help or learn more - please click "Donate for Wings!"

Give a Jammer!

Provide the Territorial Defense Forces with a detector and a jammer to block operation of russian drones. This electronic device will save lives of Ukrainian defenders by keeping their location private. To contribute - click “Donate for jammer!”

Give a Trailer!

Give a drone operation trailer to Ukrainian Defenders in the 54th Brigade of the Armed Forces, to transport and set up their drone, and monitor its performance and trajectory during the operation. To help – click “Donate a Trailer!”

Help Kids Smile!

Help Ukrainian kids affected by the war with food, shelter, medical, and education expenses. Your help will go to low-income families with kids in liberated villages and near the front lines in Ukraine. Help by clicking “Donate for Kids!”.

Help Villager Rebuild!

Help Ukrainian villagers rebuild their homes after the invasion. Many small liberated villages are in dire need for construction materials to repair their destroyed homes before the coming winter. Help by clicking “Donate for Villagers!”

Help Pets Survive!

Help reduce suffering of Ukrainian pets and animals, by providing food, shelter and medical care. These include abandoned pets and stray animals, as well as animal shelters and veterinarian clinics. Help by clicking “Donate for Pets!”

Other ways to donate:

Besides the Debit or Credit card, Paypal, Venmo or Google pay options for each of the projects above, you can donate by a bank transfer using wire or Zelle:

Bank information:

Bank name: FirstBank

Routing number: 107005047

Account number: 5281277159

Account Name: Sunflower Seeds Ukraine

Banking Address: Ukrainians of Colorado, PO Box 150054 Lakewood, CO 80215

Phone number: (541) 602-9574

Zelle information:

Email: ukraine.sunflower.seeds@gmail.com

Name: Ukrainians of Colorado

PayPal information:

Email: ukraine.sunflower.seeds@gmail.com

Name: @SunflowerSeedsUkr

Link: http://paypal.me/SunflowerSeedsUkr

Mail a Check:

Pay to: Ukrainians of Colorado - Sunflower Seeds Ukraine

Mail to: attn: Andriy Zakutayev, 3935 Darley ave. Boulder CO 80305

Tax Information:

Sunflower Seeds Ukraine fiscal partner is Ukrainians of Colorado, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. (EIN 47-1594449). Contributions to Sunflower Seeds Ukraine through Ukrainians of Colorado are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by the U.S. law.

Donations from Ukraine:

Bank: Privat bank

Card number: 4731 1856 3258 8874

Account name: Sunflower Seeds Ukraine

Currency: UAH

Crypto Currency Donations:

Coinbase name: Sunflower Seeds Ukraine

Coinbase email: Ukraine.Sunflower.Seeds@gmail.com

Bitcoin BTC


Ethereum ETH

ETH: 0x1ABEe736CCA8E475b44Baa1E39c93CB0F975fc90

Tether USTD

USDT: 0xd4ebF060A6C6227fc335Ed4E202707f8e1f2bCa3

Learn more

For frequent updates about our ongoing support projects, please follow our Facebook page. This page also reports on the military situation and humanitarian needs in Ukraine, highlights important news, publishes opportunities to help, and shares other relevant information.