Whether they are rushing toward or away from the front lines of combat, Ukrainians need help. We focus on support needs that governments and larger aid organizations miss due to the lack of infrastructure and the overwhelming demand.


Though thousands of brave men and women have stood up to protect Ukraine, many receive little more than a rifle and some ammo: no medical kits, no body armor, no helmets, no other tactical gear. Efforts to better equip soldiers have been slow and uneven. Centralized medical aid warehouses in Ukrainian cities are overwhelmed as they focus on major front-line deliveries, and they struggle to supply small groups of defenders quickly.


Displaced civilians and refugees face considerable challenges as well. While international organizations work to provide large-scale humanitarian aid, logistical bottlenecks still slow delivery of key non-medical supplies, such as diapers and formula for children, sleeping bags and thermal mats for bomb shelters, and basic food and medications for the elderly. Civilians' ability to maintain basic health and safety while moving may depend on their access to such items.

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For updates about our support efforts, please follow our Facebook page. This page also reports on the military situation and humanitarian needs in Ukraine, highlights important news, publishes opportunities to help, and shares other relevant information.

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If you have some tactical medical items or protective equipment that you would like to donate to the defenders of Ukraine, please send us an email or a message on Facebook or Instagram. We are a small grassroots organization focusing on delivery of the most valuable items such as military first aid kits and protective equipment, while other larger aid groups are better positioned to ship humanitarian aid.